WRONG NUMBER: National Don’t Call Registry

It’s 6pm and the family has just sat down at the table to enjoy dinner together when the phone rings.   Who could be calling at dinnertime?  Doesn’t everyone know NOT to call at dinnertime?  Yes!  Most people do, but telemarketers aren’t most people…they are telemarketers.  They know when you are home, at dinner, with your family and that’s when they call. 

The government has established a “do not call” registry that blocks numbers from solicitors.  The registry covers both land lines and mobile phones.  The Cellular Telephone and Internet Association (CTIA) is proposing a cell directory – similar to calling information – that would not be published, but available over the phone providing unlisted options to consumers.

MOMism: Stop the insanity.”  It’s crazy to have to vet 10 calls a night from strangers.  MAMAs don’t have time for that!  Click on the National Do Not Call Registry and register.  The calls will stop, and your family can have dinner in peace. 

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