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FOR BETTER OR WORSE: NY Votes On Gay Marriage

Gay marriage is back in the news in NY. Wanna see what we said in 2009?  

Currently, about 14 million kids have biological gay or lesbian parents.  The latest statistics from the U.S. Census (2000) and National Survey of Family Growth (2002) estimate that there are approximately 2 million LGBT people interested in adopting.

MAMAs, think about how would you feel if your child was denied the same rights as another child, regardless of the issue. Please share your opinions on gay marriage – is a legally bound family committment better or worse for all those kids?

4 Responses to FOR BETTER OR WORSE: NY Votes On Gay Marriage

  1. Anonymous June 24, 2011 at 2:58 pm #
    Opinionated MAMA

    I agree with Deb – don't use the word "marriage" and I'm fine with gay couples having the same legal rights as anyone else that is legally wed.

    • Anonymous June 24, 2011 at 3:03 pm #
      Opinionated MAMA

      Why in the world would we argue over semantics?! Your definition of LOVE and mine apply to each of us differently, as probably the word CONSERVATISM and everything else in our lives. If I have a wedding, it makes no difference to your wedding? If I have a marriage, it doesn't impact your marriage. By the way, gay couples that have been in long-term relationships already call themselves "married" so what's the dif? If we agree that gay couples should have the same rights, then that is really the heart of the issue. Right? So, who cares what they call it?!

  2. Anonymous June 24, 2011 at 6:04 pm #
    Opinionated MAMA

    I absolutely believe in marriage for same-sex couples. I don't believe the term needs to be reserved for opposite-sex couples, as the definition of marriage has changed over time and throughout cultures. Yes, it has significance to straight couples – it has the same significance to gay couples. If we deny that important term to some couples, then we are still stuck with "separate but equal", which, of course, isn't. It's not just a religious term, as you can get married without a religious ceremony – I did, and so did my parents. It's THE term that we use to define a committed legally bound couple. Using another term is an insult. Gays getting married doesn't hurt anyone else's marriage. Instead, it strengthens the institution of marriage, it provides protection to couples and their children, and it gives value to those couples and their children. With all the suicides of young GLBT people and teens, why would we even consider telling them in any way that they are lesser, unequal, not worthy of one of the most important parts of the life cycle? I know people call it semantics and say what's the difference, but turn it around – what if you were denied the right to call it marriage? What if you had to say partner and not husband? What if you had to carry your license around and constantly prove your relationship? What if you were delayed in rushing to your spouse or child as they were dying in a hospital? It matters.

    • michelleo-mama June 24, 2011 at 7:41 pm #
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      I absolutely agree! The same-sex marriage bill just PASSED in New York. (-: – Michelle

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