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SPECIAL DELIVERY: School’s Out For Summer – Tips For A Smooth Transition

Another special post for our special needs kids:  As we near the end of the school year and our minds turn to swimming lessons and summer camps, don’t let it escape you that now is as important as ever to maintain a positive relationship with your child’s “team.” Doing so will help to ensure a smooth transition for all in the upcoming school year.  For many parents, it’s been a long year and we’re ready to have some down time, but our school work is not over yet.  Utilize these tips and you will not only end the school year on a positive note, you will also begin the new school year on the right foot with your child’s team.

Reconvene the team several weeks prior to the end of school.  The purpose of this meeting should be to update progress, determine if the student is eligible for summer services, and develop a transition plan for the fall. The transition plan should include, but not be limited to, steps for introducing the student to his new teacher and classroom, a meeting time for the current teacher and receiving teacher, as well as a meeting time for the parents and receiving teacher.

Continue to volunteer and participate in school and PTO activities. Your presence demonstrates your willingness to be a team player until the last bell.

Send a note of appreciation to the teacher for all she has done to help your child have a successful year (even if you feel otherwise).  Similarly, send a note to the receiving teacher letting her know that you are looking forward to working with her in the coming year.  It’s a small gesture but one that will go a long way.

Each of these tips will benefit you, your child’s team, and most importantly, your child. Get your school work done and then get out in the sun and have some fun!

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