THE A TEAM: National Security Line-Up

The country had a big win this week by bringing down the world’s Most Wanted terrorist. President Obama announced a change of leadership in the national security team on April 28th.  General David Petraeus will now be the director of the CIA, after commanding the U.S. forces in Afghanistan.  Might be handy to have a military guy with extensive experience in the field in charge of all of the sneaky peaking, right?  Former CIA director, Leon Panetta will move to his new job as Secretary of Defense.  So, the guy with all of the high intell know how will now be in charge of running the sneaky peakers like….our uber favorites…the Navy SEALS. 

We should put the SEALS on our shoulders and carry them around….forever.  After all, they shoulder the responsibility of taking down the guys that mean to do us the most harm, even when we don’t know who they are or where they are. But, they’d never let us.  They are humble.  They are used to having broad shoulders that carry the honor of the USA and the safety of our people.  It’s “just their job,” to go into impossibly dangerous situations and succeed.  They are the MVPs.  This special Team 6, which technically doesn’t exist, consists of the best of the best in Navy special forces.  They fight Somali pirates, Colombian drug lords and the worst global bad guys imaginable. 

We know that we are going to be doing “war” in this new way more and more in the future.  Not against nations, but entities, so we’ve got to adjust.   We hope that the Petraeus’ and Panettas know where, when and how to send the Team 6’s in to action.  We are counting on the A-Team to keep making the key plays, so we can win the big game.   

MOMism: “Practice makes perfect.”  We teach our kids to practice, practice, practice.  It takes discipline, determination and experience to be the best at anything.  Our Navy SEALs have gone through training and preparation, and, in the case of getting Bin Laden, rehearsed the operation over and over…so they’d get it right.  Every technical aspect of the mission was considered and practiced.  Because of their vigilance and professionalism, they achieved their objective.  And, our kids can look to these elite forces as an example of real American heroes and be proud that we are all on the same team – team USA!

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  1. debomama May 3, 2011 at 1:42 pm #
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    My dad is a Navy SEAL…and he's the most amazing man in the world! They are an incredible brotherhood of men who are quietly strong, capable and courageous. MAMAs send big THANKS to them all!

  2. beckyjsc May 5, 2011 at 8:52 am #
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    Thank you for this- being a mom of a SEAL – My son and all the teams are my HERO's! Most beloved sincere and tuff bunch – do not piss off a SEAL nor there Mama's

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