PROUDLY WE HAIL: Taking Care Of Our Troops

We all need to stop and take a MOMent every day to remember that we have troops overseas fighting for our country.  Not just on Memorial Day, but every day until every soldier comes home.

Today on O-MAMA radio we interviewed Navy Seal MAMA, Becky Christensen, from Molly’s Adopt A Sailor.  This non-profit organization adopts deployed units in all branches of the military each month and everything they send is either purchased, donated or made with love by MAMAs.  Becky told us that we can support our troops by sending care packages, but that there is so much more we can do to support each other at home…that’s heart felt and needed.  Many of us have friends or neighbors with deployed family members and those families need our help.  Mow a lawn, hang some Christmas lights, do some babysitting – give those families a break.  They’re under a lot of stress and need a little support from other MAMAs.

So MAMAs, let’s stop and “proudly hail” those who proudly serve us.  Listen in to the radio show today and visit our Military MAMAs room for links and tips on what simple things you can do to support our troops and the MAMAs who have loved ones overseas.

MOMism: Join forces.  MAMAs are coming together in kitchens and living rooms across the country to put care packages together for the troops.  What could be more American and unifying than that?  It doesn’t matter if you have a loved one deployed or not.  We are all part of the American family and our kids are still in harms way…our kids and our country need all of us to stand together.

So MAMA, wanna have an O-MAMA house party for the troops?  Let us know and we’ll send you a FREE O-MAMA party pack that will get you started – we’ll include “wish lists” from our soldiers and some O-MAMA swag!  

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    We loved talking to Becky! Let's make our troops feel our love and thanks MAMAs..get involved today!

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