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SPECIAL DELIVERY: A Special Mother’s Day

A special note to moms of special needs kids: As Mother’s Day nears, some of us may be thinking about a wish list and dropping hints and others may be too tired or stressed to even bother. No matter which group you fall into, you deserve a break. So, this Mother’s Day why don’t you make it a special one. Give yourself a break and then volunteer some time or make a donation to an organization that you care about. Not only will you benefit someone else, but it will have a positive impact on you as well. Better yet, instead of dropping hints, tell your family exactly what you want. Everyday my family tells me what they want to eat and what they want to do so this Mother’s Day I want them to help me clean out the closets and prepare a donation for the Epilepsy Foundation. That is, after I get my home-made cards and breakfast in bed with my eggs cooked just right!

Please check the resources listed on the side bar for essential organizations that rely on donations to help those who are less fortunate. There are also organizations that promote and conduct research for disorders that afflict so many of our children. If you could use a laugh, click here for a great article that contains a wish list for moms of special needs kids. Happy Mother’s Day, Special Moms!

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