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ON O-MAMA RADIO: “Cowboys, Country and Community”

At 12 pm PST, we talked COWBOYS, COUNTRY and COMMUNITY. Debbie’s grandpa was inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame over the weekend, which got us thinking about our heritage and how the West was won…how integrity, hard work and a strong sense of community brought our country together…how we can get back to some basics and come together again to restore our faith in each other, our institutions and the resiliance of our great nation.  

Call in and talk to us about the MOMism you think applies.  We think “The buck stops here.”  Yep – it’s starts with US.  We need to decide the kind of country we want to live in…what we want to cut back on and invest in for our kids and our country…and then we need to have enough courage and faith in each other to forge a new frontier.  If you want to share your opinions, give us a buzz at 818/514-1016 or, just click link and listen to Kitchen Table Talk on your computer. Thanks MAMAS!

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