NEW TEAM MATES: Obama’s War Team Changes

So, we have a few little conflicts to deal with at present.  Besides Iraq and Afghanistan there are various and sundry Middle Eastern uprisings to deal with as well.  Bummer.  But, an even bigger bummer is that our national-security team is now making substitutions.  Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Admiral Mike Mullen and Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg, (our China guy) are all leaving the team in the summer.  Now what?  Do we send in the second string?  Or, are there first rate recruits warming up?  Is there some sort of national-security league draft we need to look to?  Lots of NFL players out of work..they know the draft system and they’re available…just a thought?

MOMism:  “We are only as good as our weakest link.”  Our kids learn the importance of teamwork and participation, but when it’s time to WIN, they also know that they need good players on their team.  Strategic, savvy, smart, stealthy, agile players. 

MAMAs, we may need some sort of a football locker room “chalk talk” to keep track of the players; but apparently, the current CIA Director Leon Panetta is the #1 pick to replace Gates, which agents say would leave his job open for General David Petraeus, who is currently commander in Afghanistan.  But, the draft reports Gates’ job could also go to John J. Hamre (Deputy Defense Secretary under Clinton) or Colin Powell.   The only girl on the A team, Hillary Clinton, will have her work cut out for her, that’s for sure.  No matter who does what, someone is going to come off the bench to lead the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in the summer.  And someone is going to have to quarterback the other global national-security plays for the U.S.   This is not a ball we can fumble or a game we can lose.  So, who are your draft picks, MAMAs?

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