READY TO LAUNCH: Giffords To Watch Hubby’s Launch

All systems are a GO for Arizona Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords.  She will attend the final launch of the space shuttle Endeavor on Friday.  Why is this take off so important?  Well, for starters, her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, will be commanding the ship and it will be Giffords first public outing since she was shot in the head on January 8th in Tuscon, Arizona. She will travel to Cape Canaveral, FL, for the launch and then will return to Houston to continue her recovery.  Kelly told Katie Couric in a CBS interview that, when she learned that she was to be allowed to go to the launch, she pumped her fist and said, “awesome.”

MOMism:  “Reach for the stars.”  We think Giffords is outta this world!  She is one strong MAMA, who is an example of what it means to set your sights high and never give up.  She is married to an astronaut, which is not an easy gig for any wife.  But, her internal fortitude has brought her through a tragic and inspirational journey defying the odds and gravity of the situation.  We teach our kids not to give up on their dreams – or on themselves – even when times are dark.  We encourage them to keep reaching for the stars if they want to get there.  Thank the HEAVENS above that Congresswoman Giffords’ star is shining brightly.  We wish her husband God’s speed and we will be watching the countown to liftoff …wishing them both clear skies from here on out!  

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