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EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE O.K.: Jenny McCarthy Advocate For Autistic Kids

Jenny McCarthy is a funny lady, but her completely raw account of her son’s seizures and her instincts during the panic and the MOMent she felt “everything is going to be ok,” is crazy serious.  As moms, we get into a zone sometimes when our kids are in trouble…we scoop them up and leap tall buildings in a single bound to get them help, or we just hold their hair when they are puking.  We do what needs to be done.  But, what happens when we don’t know what is really happening and we the professionals get it wrong?  We know they aren’t right, because it still doesn’t feel right?! Then what?  Super mom takes over.

Jenny McCarthy’s son, Evan, was initially misdiagnosed with a fever. And, then after he almost died, he was misdiagnosed with epilepsy.  Eventually, he was correctly diagnosed with autism.  Jenny said her “mommy instinct said, ‘this man is right.” And, then she said, “Well, I believe my son is trapped inside.  I’m not settling for this.”  She did a lot of research, changed her son’s eating habits and engaged him in extensive play therapy, among other things.  She has seen a lot of progress and says her son is in “recovery.”  Her message is that every child is different, some things may work for one, but not another.  But, as a mom trust your instincts and, if something might work, “give it a try” – because MAMAs you never know what may be the missing piece to the puzzle. We are our kid’s advocates, and Jenny is our celebrity SUPER STAR for kids this month!  Read Jenny’s full story on Oprah.com.

Jenny has written, Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey In Healing.

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