APRIL SHOWERS:Book MAMA Reigns Supreme!

Book MAMA has two new reviews for the Easter season.  One you can share with your kids as you dye those eggs for bunny to hide, and one for you to read while you’re in your quiet MAMA hideaway.     

The Kid pick is an oldy but a goody: Rechenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco.  Book MAMA says: “I absolutely love dyeing Easter eggs—always have.  I love that vinegar smell.  I love waiting and waiting for the color to get really dark and true.  I love painting fancy eggs with brushes and everything.  It’s honestly one of the few holiday traditions that I fully embrace….”

For Moms, it’s The Adults the first novel by Allison Espach.  Here’s a teaser: “I learned a new word reading Allison Espach’s  new novel, The Adults.  The word is neoteny: a seven letter word for retention of youth into adulthood—and not in a Michael Jackson/Peter Pan complex kind-of way.  In this dark “coming of age” story, Espach explores the blurred lines between childhood and adulthood…”

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