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O-MAMA on the Radio: Interview with Author Rahna Reiko Rizzuto

Guess what? Perfect moms don’t exist.  “We do the best we can,” even in a crisis.  Whether we’re talking about divorce, going nuclear, or natural disasters, it’s all a crisis for our kids.  MAMA’s have to make sure we have the right emotional tools in our mommy bag to model good coping skills.

We interviewed the author of “Hiroshima In The Morning,” Rahna Reiko Rizzuto, about her journey to define motherhood on her own terms. She is the mom that made news for her revelations that she never wanted kids.  Shell shocked?!  We get into the realities and the fears of those comments – ours and hers.  Reiko left her kids with her husband to go to Japan and research her book on the Hiroshima bomb victims.  We got personal and asked her about “dropping a bomb” on her own family and about the emotional “fall out” that followed.  She discussed overcoming her own fear of motherhood…and the relief of finding her way.  We got her unique perspective on what Japanese mothers are going through during the current crisis and how they are squeezed between care-taking and crisis management.   

Take a listen and let us know your opinions on the mommy myths and realities of our important role in times of crises, big and small.

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