MARCH MADNESS: Mom & Kid Book Reviews

They’re heeeerrrrreee!  Book MAMA is at it again with her March book reviews.  The books look promising, but the reviews are just plain great reading in and of themselves. Don’t miss them!  Here are some snippets to entice….

The Pirate of Kindergarten for the KID-Os:

“My daughter got glasses last year.  She actually had what we now call an ‘academic makeover.’  She got ear tubes, glasses, and medication and is making some great strides in school now which is exciting though it continues to be a gradual process….”


42 Rules for Working Moms:Practical Fun Advice For Achieving Work-Life Balance For MAMAS:

“Okay! I’m feeling sorta caught up with housework! Yay!

What? The hampers are full again?  WTF? 

Okay, I’ll do 7 loads of laundry but I’m not going to think about the towels, though I should wash them but they don’t smell or anything…” 

Click to read the full reviews, have a quick laugh and check off your literary quota for the day!  MAMAs and let us know what your opinions.

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