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RED CARPET ROMANCE: Nancy O’Dell’s Valentine’s Wish

Nancy O’Dell knows entertainment, as longtime co-host of ET. She’s also a mom who has partnered with 100% Florida O.J. to encourage families to spend quality time together in the mornings.  She has written a book, called “Full of Love,” and that along with her Creative Memories Scrapbook line show how memories and traditions reinforce family values.  For Nancy, Valentine’s and scrapbooks go hand in hand.  We asked her what she really wants and she said:

“I’d love for my hubby to give me a scrapbook for Valentine’s Day.  He gave me one the first Valentine’s Day we were together before we were married and it still my favorite gift ever!  He had made a photo album of all the places we had been to together and wrote little sweet notes to go along with the pictures.  It made me realize how very much I was in love with him.  Now that we have been married for 5 years, I’d love another scrapbook because we have had so many experiences since then, including having our baby girl together.  Even though I scrapbook galore already, I would love to hear his beautiful words again!”

Awwwww, that’s so sweet MAMA!

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