BALANCING ACT: LifeTime’s Balance Your Life Magazine

Want some advice?  Yah, yah…we’re good, but sometimes we need some tips on balancing it all!  Balance Your Life Magazine has put together a great resource for women on everything from “10 Funny Ways To Lose Weight and Get Fit” to “Easy Ways To Green Your Routine.”  Not to mention, O-MAMA’s insights on pages 30 & 31 – HOW TO Talk To Your Kids about hot button issues like Sex, Health, Education and War.  We know sometimes these conversations are hard to start, but they come up when we least expect them to, so MAMAs we need to be prepared or it’ll knock us on our butts!  

Parenting is hard work and we need to have two feet on the ground while doing it (unless, of course, you are hanging upside down on the swings with the kids – yeah, we do that!).  Using good ole fashioned wisdom like “Money doesn’t grow on trees” as conversation starters, moms can be on the ready to teach our kids valuable lessons and reinforce them often.  Even difficult to tackle topics like Gay Rights are easier to talk about when they are dealt with simply and directly between moms and their KID-Os.  So, Opinionated MAMAs, our lives are a bit of a balancing act, but the key is to “find the balance” that works for you…so, be open to tips and tricks to keep you steady eddy.

MAMAS – How do you find balance in your life and stay on your toes? 

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