EAT UP: Raising The Quality Of School Lunches

Yummy – salisbury steak, canned peas and tater tots.  Brain food? If we want our kids to be the next Bill Gates, the donut and pork rind diet is not going to get that done.  An estimated 3 million children live in homes where they frequently skip meals or go without food all day. So, the food they get at school should help their brains grow and develop, not shut down and fall asleep, right? Studies show that the kids who ate lower glycemic index breakfasts (less sugar, more protein) eat less at lunch, are more alert and perform better in school overall.

The USDA announced in January its revised school lunch guidelines. It’s kind of a big deal since it’s the first time they’ve done so in 15 years!  So, now our kids will get whole grains, veggies, fruits and lean protein.  What, no more greasy fried lunch with some mystery meat in the middle? Bummer – we loved it so much, right?

O-MAMAs know that you are what you eat.” So, we make sure our kids get a good breakfast and balanced dinners because if we want good things to come out of our kids’ heads, we have to put good food in their tummies.  Their brains can’t function properly on fat and sugar (of course, we like treats, too, but everything in moderation, right MAMAs?).  Now our public schools have figured out what Opinionated MAMAs do at home…so, put on your hairnets ladies and volunteer at your kids school to serve up some good eats…what’s the old adage “healthy, wealthy and WISE”…well, let’s start with healthy eating and then, the next Bill Gates?! 

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  1. Anonymous May 25, 2011 at 10:22 am #
    Opinionated MAMA

    Well it's about time. I have always thought that school lunches should be better. In some cases it is the only meal that a child gets.

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