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STATE OF MIND: Civility, Smarts and the State of the Union

I don’t really care if the new seating arrangement at the State of the Union is for “show” – I like it.  I think our Congress needs to pull it together right now and start acting like grown ups.  The truth is…I worry that they aren’t very smart sometimes.  Why don’t they seem to “get it?”  Our country needs our leaders to be coming together to get us through the crisis at hand – we’re broke and out of work!  We need to know that our government is working night and day, day and night TOGETHER to fix what is broken.  Once it’s working again, have at it…but, right now, we need to see civility.  Civility breeds respect. We need them to do smart things. Smart thinking builds trust.  We need to hear that the state of our union is o.k.  Optimism and a “can do” attitude inspires.

Constant squabbling over the little things makes us think Congress is missing the big picture – and that freaks us out – and just makes them look dumb and we don’t take them seriously. (Don’t even get me started about the people who just make up stuff – we need a big gong or something!?) I want my President to rise above it all…be the leader.  As far as the issues are concerned:  the economy, the economy, the economy – smart ideas about the economy – and the economy.  Every single thing Obama talks about should be connected to how it improves the economy – healthcare/the economy, education/the economy, guns/the economy, war/the economy, environment/the economy.  He needs to use his words to inspire each and every one of us to do our part to build up our country.

Everyone has a role in our American family…carve those roles out a little and let us know what each of us can do…if you are out of work right now, you can do this…if you own a business, you can do this…if you’re a mom, you’re in it up to your eyeballs, you are doing it…you are shaping the future of our nation, one child at a time!  Make us feel like each and every one of us has a responsibility to make our country stronger, better, smarter.

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