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JOIN THE MILLION MAMA CYBER MARCH: Meet Up Without Leaving Your House

O-MAMA is looking for a Million Mamas to tap into our collective wisdom as moms (our MOMsense) and engage in our country’s most important conversations. How are we going to accomplish this? By mobilizing the Million Mama Cyber March. This is going to be MOMentous—and a lot of fun! We need as many moms as possible from across the country to spread the word to make it work. So please join the Million Mama Cyber March today. It’s easy, all you have to do is tell all your friends to “like” O-MAMA on Facebook…think of it as a march from the couch!  (-:

Oh, and see these little do-hickies along the bottom, click and share with all the MAMAs you know…we might march to a different drummer, but we don’t have to march alone!

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