SWEET CYBER REVENGE: Wikileaks “Hacktivist” Attack- UPDATED 12/16


To keep you in the loop MAMAS…
The Guardian reports: “Britain’s high court today decided to grant bail to Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder who is wanted in Sweden for questioning over allegations of rape.”  

Add another word to the urban dictionary: “Hacktivists!” These internet activists have promised to bring down the websites of those who have messed with Wikileaks’ juju.  They have launched “Operation Payback” which has successfully attacked Visa’s, Mastercard’s and the Swedish government’s websites.  Next, they promise to take down PayPal.   Instead of hacking into the backdoor of these systems, they have some way of blasting the front ends, causing the sites to crash.  Holy overload, Batman!  Where are our cyber superheroes?

In response, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says, “We are aware of the incidents…and I’ll simply say we’re looking into them.”  Doesn’t sound like we have any super cool, super powers?!  Or, maybe we’re just super secret and have something super stealthy going on?  Who knows, we’re super confused. We barely know how to tweet!  (-:

Sometimes the good guys (moms and our government) have to take away our kids technology or put up parental locks to protect them.  We can keep cyber bullies away from our kids by taking them offline.  We have to hope that someone can power down the “hacktivists” too, right MAMAs?

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    Looks like there are some copycats popping up! This is getting ugly

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