COUNTRY FIRST: 911 First Responders Bill Passes Senate UNANIMOUSLY

UPDATE: Today, after a lot of political postering, the Senate did the right thing by the heroes of 9/11 and unanimously passed the 911 First Responders Bill. Yep – can you believe it? Finally, the political circus gave way to actually doing the people’s work. Hooray! The bill is paid for by closing tax loopholes for foreign nationals and provides financial relief for medical treatment to the 100,000 people who rushed to help save, recover and clean up the site of the most horrific terrorist attack in our nation’s history. They breathed toxic air, dug through and cleaned up toxic waste committed to acts of heroism on behalf of our nation in our darkest hours. We owe those responders our undying respect and sincerest gratitude for their bravery, honor and sacrifice. We owe them much more than money could ever buy. Now, on to the House…

Original post 12/16 - EMERGENCY RESPONSE: 911 First Responders Bill Voted Down – What’s next, we ask?  How about this one, MAMAs….The James Zadroga 9/11 Health Bill (H.R. 847) is named for a NYPD detective who died from the effects of toxic gas he inhaled while saving people at ground zero. This bill, which would allow 9/11 first responders to receive free medical coverage, was defeated in the Senate’s procedural vote.   Republicans deemed the $7.4 billion bill too expensive,  while the Democrats say that it is our obligation to take care of the 9/11 first responders. 

NY Mayor, Michael Bloomberg says that the vote was a “tragic example of partisan politics trumping patriotism.” 

We’re sorry, but this is where we have to put our foot down.  MAMAs know that we can let our kids get a way with some things, but we stand firm on the big stuff.  When it comes to life and death matters, we get our hackles up in order to protect our children.  Period. 

What about those who protected and served us on 9/11?  The real heroes who run into buildings when everyone else is running out?  The people we call when there is an emergency.  Who come to save us when we need them?  Who puts their foot down for them and says “enough is enough” with the political non-sense, when they fall sick as a direct result of their bravery and heroic acts on behalf of our communities and nation?  Clearly, those in Washington, D.C. are more committed to politics than patriotism.  They talk a lot about putting our country first, but really?  How about trading some pork, yeah, we’re calling you out on your pet projects in order to ensure care for the first responders?  The people who show up when we call 911.  Why not trade in your earmarks on behalf of our nation’s heroes?  Taking care of them is just the right thing to do.  Our politicians know it and they played politics anyway.  As a country, we need to reward those who are honorable and good. Those who live their lives in word and deed. What happened to that type of patriotism?  MAMAS are putting our foot down on this one – call your local Congressman/woman and tell them it is an emergency!

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    Out of all the things we are spending money on (and asking our children to repay) this is one thing that IS NECESSARY! It's like telling our military, "You put your life on the line and we don't give a hoot"! These first responders ran in when many of us were stiff with fear (me especially). They didn't care about themselves, they cared about people they didn't know- These men and women are HEROES…how do we thank them? Not by spitting in their faces, that's for sure!

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