IT’S A NUMBERS GAME: GOP Gains In New Census

Remember those folks who came a knockin’ if you didn’t fill in your census?  Well, the results of that census are in….and it looks like the Republicans will be the winners.  Not literally, but about 6 more Congressional seats will be added to Republican leaning states – in the South and the West.

According to the Associated Press, our population has been growing at the lowest rate since the Great Depression, about 9.7% per year.   Also, populations seem to be shifting to the South and the West.  Nevada’s growing the fastest (can anyone say, low taxes?)  Texas is booming as well and will gain four new seats.  Florida will gain two and Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah and Washington will each gain one more.

So, the consensus is that the census numbers will affect the political landscape.  So, we all need to “stand up and be counted.”  Everyone’s opinion, and vote, count.  It’s our civic duty to be part of the process and teach our kids that their voices matter.  Even in the decisions we make as a family, they need to feel that they have a voice.  Right MAMAs?

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  1. hudsonmama December 24, 2010 at 6:41 am #
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    It was so funny in our area. Michelle Bachmann, GOP rep in Minnesota, made comments to discourage people from filling out the census this year. But lo and behold, the fact that they mostly ignored her, helped keep her seat preserved. Darned irony…

    • michelleo-mama December 24, 2010 at 12:16 pm #
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      EXACTLY! How ridiculous is that? It just makes me wonder if people like Michelle Bachmann get it at all…the census has been around since the beginning of our country and we basically ask for the same info today, except "how many slaves do you own?" Well, thankfully, some things have changed!

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