NOBLE NOBEL: Father Of Test Tube Technology Wins Prize

Robert G. Evans won the Nobel Prize for medicine for his work developing in vitro fertilization (IVF).   He is known as the “father of the test tube baby” and began his work in the 1950’s on in vitro fertilization as a treatment for infertility.  The first test tube baby, Louise Brown, was born in England in 1978.  To date, about 4 million IVF babies have been born.

MOMism: ”You’ve come a long way, baby.”  The birth of any baby is miraculous.  From a scientific perspective, the timing of conception has to be perfect, cells begin forming and splitting, even fingernails developing…it is all amazing.  From an emotional perspective, the love and wonder of a little person coming into your life is completely overwhelming.

For women who could not conceive, IVF paved the way for them to participate in the incredible journey of having a baby of their own. From test tube to womb to a mother’s loving arms…for the 4 million test tube miracles…you’ve come a long way baby!

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