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COUGAR TOWN: Cox and Arquette Split

Star of the TV shows Cougar Town and Friends, Courtney Cox, has split with her husband of 11 years, David Arquette.  In an interview with Howard Stern, Arquette says that his wife is tired of being his mother, and that the two had not had sex in four months.  The couple issued a statement saying that, “the reason for this separation is to better understand ourselves and the qualities we need in a partner and for our marriage.”  The two have a six-year old daughter, Coco.

MOMism: Act like a big boy.”  We baby our kids and give them all the coddling, attention and encouragement they need when they are little.  But, then there comes a time when they need to act like a “big boy.”  Go potty all by themselves, sleep in a big boy bed, buckle their own seat belt, get up when they fall down…as they grow up, their responsibilities become even greater…they learn to work hard in school, in sports and at home.  Our little boys become men who take care of their families, provide stability and wisdom, strength and character…they are our partners and role models for our children.

All partnerships have ups and downs, ebbs and flows and compromises.  But, MAMAS, we’ve all been there…men can absolutely act like little boys.  They want to be coddled and need constant encouragement.  It is built into their DNA.  But, they need to get it from their MAMAs, not their wives.  As a grown up in a relationship, moms want and need a partner – not a childish man.  It is just too much when you feel like the only adult in the marriage.

Our kids need to know that any relationship takes work.  For these two, the marriage may or may not be over, but their parenting partnership is forever.  

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  1. Anonymous October 19, 2010 at 10:09 am #
    Opinionated MAMA

    Oh boo-hoo. Another spoiled couple calling it quits because things aren't perfect. Seriously? After 11 years they're going to dump it because they haven't had sex in four months – puh-leeze!
    How many real marriages are sans intimacy because one of the partners is going through a rough patch, working through a problem, having trust issues, etc? If I walked out every time I didn't like something my husband did (or if I got tired of forgiving some of his mistakes – repeated mistakes) I'd have left a loooonnnnngggg time ago.
    What a waste of 11 good years. Get counselling, go into therapy, but stay together, raise your kids, support each other – but above all DON'T GIVE UP! It may be difficult to practice unconditional love with your spouse, but it can be both humbling and rewarding when you do. The Bible says forgive "seventy times seven" – so I've got a lot more forgiveness in me. If you forgive each transgression that many times – eventually, he'll learn and you will be rewarded with an amazing relationship. And don't think it will take until the 490th forgiving … the change happens long before then. AMEN!

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