IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME: Obama Boosts Infrastructure

President Barak Obama is proposing that building roads and bridges will provide immediate jobs.  He is encouraging Congress to allow $50 billion in infrastructure spending to put people back to work.  He said that the outdated infrastructure is, ”one of America’s greatest challenges.”  He elaborated that America needs to be able to compete in a global economy.  The plan promises to rebuild roadways, railways and runways over the next six years.  Obama says that this will, “be fully paid for,” through a national infrastructure government-run bank and other private resources, so it will not add to the deficit. 

MOMism: Keeping up with the times.  We love things that are old…old friends, old stories, old manners, old family heirlooms, etc.  It’s important to cherish memories and teach our kids to appreciate things that have been around a long time (grandparents included).  But, we must also teach our kids to take care of those things…the old classic fishing rod, the old red wagon, the old car…if we take care of them, them become classics.  If not, they are just junk.

Unfortunately, our country has not taken care of our infrastructure.  We have let it turn to junk and we are paying for it now.  Our bridges are collapsing, our levy’s are breaking, our streets are sinking, our gas lines are exploding…what is next?  We need to maintain our old systems, but we also need to embrace new ones to keep up with the times and global competition.  In addition to appreciating the old, we must invest in the new…for example, the old car might be fun for a Sunday drive, but it is not practical day-to-day…it guzzles too much gas and doesn’t have seat belts.  

This infrastructure plan will cost money, but our roads, railroads and runways need to stay up-to-date or we risk falling behind other nations.  Is the cost worth it?  What is your opinion?

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