STATIC CLING: BP’s “Static Kill” Operation Successful

BP reports that the “static kill” operation that began this week has worked. The plan was intended to permanently plug the Deepwater Horizon Well once and for all. Mud forced down the well overnight has begun to push crude back down to its source for the first time since the rig exploded April 20th.   However, Adm. Thad Allen, the government’s lead on the oil disaster warns, ““This job will not be complete until we finish the relief wells and pump mud and cement in through the bottom.” In addition, a federal report released Wednesday stated that only about ¼ of the spilled oil remains in the Gulf, the remaining 152 million gallons having been contained, chemically dispersed, evaporated, or dissolved.

MOMism: “So far, so good.”  This is a common phrase uttered by all O-MAMAs. Usually it is in response to some event like potty training or sleeping through the night.  We are cautiously optimistic, not wanting to be disappointed or jinx ourselves if the trend does not continue.  

Here lies the same sentiment with BP, Adm. Allen, and the American people.  We are thrilled that the static kill operation to plug the well appears to be working. However, before we can put this disaster behind us completely, we will continue crossing our fingers and clinging to hope.

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