GOOOOALLLL: Spain Wins World Cup

The World Cup Final match in South Africa went into overtime, but in the end, Spain came out the victor over the Netherlands 1-0.  Both teams played hard, but the Netherland’s own soccer legend, Cruyff, called out the Dutch team for playing “very dirty.”  He also criticized English referee Howard Webb for taking it too easy on the players.  According to the Huffington Post, Spain’s victory was one of “beauty over brutality, “ as players Piquet and Puyol led their team to victory.  The Spanish team arrived home to well deserved accolades and fanfare.  Viva Espana!

 MOMism: “It just takes ONE.” Sometimes our kids get just one shot and they’ve got to make it count.  We want them to be competitive and play sports to the best of their ability.  But, we also want them to earn victory according to the rules of the game and with sportsmanlike behavior.  It has been said that, “soccer is a gentleman’s game, played by hoodlums.”  Unfortunately,  World Cup play in 2010 had too many moments that proved that adage correct….and with the whole world watching.  But, it also showed that the “good guys” can win with teamwork.  Spain managed to win all their games by just 1-0…one score, great defense.  Just ONE is all it took!  Soccer moms worldwide can be proud.

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