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THE NAME GAME: Clinton or Mezvinsky?

The Daily Beast’s Samuel P. Jacobs writes an Opinion piece about the upcoming nuptuals of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky. Everything from the dress to the wedding’s price tag are being bandied about in the press.  People are also speculating whether or not Chelsea will give up the Clinton name, or, like her mother, hyphenate.  What people aren’t really talking about, however, is what the name Mezvinsky means to people.  The groom’s mom was actually the freshman Democratic Congresswoman in a conservative district that cast the decisive vote for Bill Clinton’s first budget, which has been credited with balancing the federal budget, but also increasing taxes.

MOMism: “What’s in a name?”  Apparently, a lot.  Hyphenate or not.  Mazel tov!  We wish them a happy life together (minus the drama associated with the Clinton and Mezvinsky names).

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