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LEVI BRAND GENES: Levi and Bristol Tying The Knot

According to US Weekly, Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin are engaged and planning to be married within six weeks. The announcement comes as a surprise, as Johnston and Palin have been at battling over custody and support issues regarding their 18-month-old baby, Tripp, for the last months.  Former Alaska Governor, Sarah Plain, weighed in on the upcoming nuptials on NBC’s Today Show saying that Bristol believes in, “redemption and forgiveness.”

MOMism:”Like mother, like daughter.”  We know we have a lot of influence on our kids…some follow in our footsteps (for better or worse), while some take a different path.  Either way, they usually hold us responsible for where they end up…somehow, someway, we did something!  O-MAMAs need to support our KID-Os in their decisions and guide them gently when we feel they are about to falter.  Communication with our children is key – about sex (eek) and relationships, in general.  We need to stay connected to them…so they stay afloat without rocking the boat too much.  

Clearly, Bristol has decided to forgive her baby daddy and she has chosen a course much like her mother’s.  Sarah Palin got pregnant, then married to her high school sweetheart.  So, Sarah should know how to counsel her daughter through it, because of her own life experience, but her daughter hasn’t kept her in the loop?!  Finding the balance between supporting and meddling is a delicate one, but as soon as our KID-Os stop talking to us, their lifeline is jeapordized and it increases their chances of sinking!  We O-MAMAs wish these KID-Os luck on the love boat!

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