LUNATIC FRINGE: Suicide Bombings In Uganda

Uganda was the sight of an international terrorist bombing by an al-Qaida-linked group called al-Shabab.  The group claims responsibility for two bombings in Uganda during the World Cup, that claimed the lives of 74 people, including one American aid worker.   Al-Shabab’s spokes person Sheik Ali Mohamud Rage justified the attacks by saying, “We warned Uganda not to deploy troops to Somalia, they ignored us.” He also said that Burundi could face attacks, as they too have peacekeeping forces in Mogadishu, Somalia.   Analysts such as the International Crisis Group have been saying that the al-Shabab group has become a “wholly al-Qaida” entity “that could cause havoc even well beyond Somalia’s borders, and the (Somali government) and the international community cannot choose to be bystanders.”

MOMism:”Keep your eyes on them!”  Mom’s know that we have to be ever vigilant of things that could do our children harm.  From making our kids wear seatbelts to mitigating the friends our kids hang out with, we do our best to protect our little “angels.”  We need to know when our kids are hanging out with the wrong crowd…when they can be influenced into mischief and more.  The international community needs to be vigilant as well, and know what these terrorist troublemakers are doing at all times, or al-Qaida’s influence will continue to infultrate other wanna be terrorist networks.  

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    I don't think terrorism will EVER go away unfortunately, especially when it is tied to religious beliefs. All we can do is put as many safeguards in place to protect one another.

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